Many parents often look at their dentist with suspicion if he or she makes the suggestion that they take their child to an orthodontist even though the child may still be very young, at around 7-8 years old.  Two-phase orthodontic treatment can be recommended to children at a young age, depending on their unique case.

Phase I

During phase I, the orthodontist is not looking to straighten your child’s teeth because they know many of those teeth will eventually fall out, giving way for adult teeth. The main goal of this phase is to modify the jaws early to prevent overbites, underbites, overcrowding, and crossbites later on. This way, your child will not need tooth extractions or jaw surgery when they get older.

Phase I usually occurs around age 7-11 and lasts for about 6-10 months. After that, a retainer is worn until treatment for phase II can begin.

Phase II

Phase II begins when most of the adult teeth are in place. Depending on the severity level of misalignment, treatment time is typically 18-24 months.  Since phase II treatment is of a longer duration, it is important to educate your child on the importance of oral hygiene practices to prevent cavities and other oral diseases that can happen during orthodontic treatment.

Giving your child orthodontic treatment at the right age ensures that they will get the confidence they deserve and a smile they love to show! Contact us today to book an appointment at our office and learn more about what type of orthodontic treatment your child needs.

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