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Frequently Asked Questions

Because your insurance coverage is between you, your employer, and the insurance carrier, your dentist does not have the power to make your plan pay. If your insurance doesn’t pay, you are responsible for the total cost of treatment. Sometimes a plan may pay if the patients send in reimbursement claims for themselves. Our Insurance Coordinator may be able to help you to understand your dental coverage.

There are certain conditions that require pre-medication with an antibiotic prior to dental treatment to prevent adverse effects and infection that can be caused by bacteria that enter the blood stream during certain treatment. Consult with your dentist about the need of taking pre-medications prior to treatment.

Your child’s first teeth erupt around 6 months old. For the prevention of dental problems, Bissan Dental Clinic recommend your child should be seen at 1 year of age. This first visit will help your child to become acquainted with our cliniccc and develop a relationship with the dentist and staff, as well as a chance to help educate parents to properly care for their child’s teeth.

Yes! Pregnancy causes big changes in the levels of certain hormones, and these in turn have a powerful influence on your body. For example, many expectant moms experience food cravings and morning sickness at certain times. Changing hormone levels can also affect your oral health in various ways, including making your gums tender, swollen, and highly sensitive to the harmful bacteria in plaque. Routine dental exams and professional cleanings can help you maintain good oral health and avoid many potential problems during this critical time.

Retention or keeping the teeth straight is a big issue after Orthodontic treatment. As 100% guarantee is impossible in any field of  medicine, we can say that in the majority of the cases, teeth will remain fairly stable if a retention protocol is followed. This can consist of wearing a removable appliance during the night or having a fixed wire behind the teeth. Also, in certain cases follow up after treatment is very essential.

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