Wisdom Teeth Extraction: The key to successful and safe Dental Extraction.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a relatively common dental procedure which aims to remove the third molars located at the back of the mouth in both the upper and lower jaw.

Dental clinics in Dubai, follow international standards of dental care and put the patient comfort and safety throughout the procedure and after the procedure as a priority.

If a patient considers wisdom teeth extraction in dental clinics in Dubai, it’s essential to do detailed research and choose a reputable and affordable clinic with positive feedback from the patients along with a good track record. Wisdom teeth often starts to erupt during late teens or early adulthood, ranging from 17-24 years old, and due to limited space in the jaw, or due to large size of the teeth, wisdom teeth can cause many dental issues, such as severe pain, gum swelling or even
teeth crowding.

If you consider wisdom tooth extraction in dental clinics in Dubai, it’s imperative to consult an Oral Surgeon, using years of experience and years of training, They will assess the individual’s dental health, examine X-rays which could be panoramic X-ray or CONE BEAM CT if needed, and decide if the extraction is necessary. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia to ensure comfort during the process.

Post-Surgical care:

After the extraction, patients are given post-operative instructions for proper healing and recovery and to avoid any possible complications which can occur due to many factors such as post-operative smoking, or general oral hygiene and health. By doing so, patients can minimize the risk of complications and ensure a smooth healing process. If you require wisdom tooth extraction in Dubai, be sure to choose a reputable dental clinic with experienced practitioners to ensure a safe and successful procedure.

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